Checking how you are – our wellbeing calls 

As well as responding to calls made to us through pressing of the pendant alarms, we can also arrange to make regular calls at a time suited to the individual. We call these wellbeing calls. They can be a daily call for a couple of weeks to check if the person feels ok or needs anything after a spell in hospital or when experiencing illness or a weekly call during times of distress such as after a bereavement.

Alternatively, they can be long term calls that we make every week to check if a person is Ok to support people who are lonely, isolated or are not in touch with people on a regular basis. It allows a person to know that Carelink are keeping an eye out and would pick up if there are any concerns. This is especially useful for people with memory issues / dementia or learning disabilities who may not understand that their situation has changed. Our staff get to know individuals and know if things don’t sound right and they can arrange for further support to be provided if the person agrees or to inform family/friends to visit. We are in regular contact with other local services who can be of support during difficult times.

Contact us to find out if these wellbeing calls could be of benefit, for £1.00 a call we can provide peace of mind at a time when it is needed.