For many of our customers, knowing they can press a button if they are feeling unwell or fall and Carelink arranging emergency help is of great comfort. A common issue that we come across is gaining access to the property during an emergency. If a person has fallen or is poorly and cannot open their door then the door has to be broken down, with precious time wasted and the cost of repairs sitting with the property owner at a time when they are very vulnerable.

Having a keysafe can make all the difference as it allows Carelink to let the emergency services know how to access a property safely and securely. We only use keysafe’s which are recommended by the Police. Our partners Empower, a local voluntary organisation, will fit them for us in a position that the person is most happy with. We keep details of the passcode and only share it when help is being arranged.

Contact us if a keysafe would be of benefit.