Thank you NELC for your funds to support vulnerable people within North East Lincolnshire.

  Lincolnshire community foundation
Covid-19 Community Response Fund Many thanks to the Council for their £5,000 grant which has enable us since Christmas to
 continue to provide telephone support to those extremely vulnerable individuals on the shielding list.  We offered our support to help keep in touch with those individuals, contacting them weekly to make sure they were Ok in July last year and this grant enables us to keep doing that.  The Council staff and local Councillors had been providing this support during lockdown.  Lincolnshire Community Foundation administered the grant on their behalf.

Clinically Vulnerable fund NELC also kindly provided us with a grant of £9,000 as part of their wider Supporting the Clinically Vulnerable in N E Lincolnshire fund which supports many local charities and groups to provide various ways to reach those feeling isolated due to being on the shielding list.  We are using the funding to purchase digital units which will be offered to 50 individuals who were on the shielding list to try out a Carelink telecare device and receive support from us free for up to 3 months. As well as the telecare unit, our staff will contact them weekly to make sure they are ok and provide them with advice to access local services which can help them feel less isolated.