Hospital Discharge

The Hospital Discharge pilot gives a vulnerable person or family member peace of mind that they or a loved one can access help at the touch of a button 24/7 Read more

Consider a Keysafe!

We would recommend people having a keysafe fitted when they have telecare as it allows us to let emergency services access the home without the need to break down the door. We are able to arrange fitting for the keysafe with our partners the voluntary organisation Empower who fit on our behalf. We only use keysafe’s recommended by the Police and that are robust. Read more

Checking how you are - our wellbeing calls

Do you know that as well as providing our units for contacting us due to falls, illness, worry, we can also keep in touch with people, ringing them on a regular basis. We can provide peace of mind and a listening ear on a daily / weekly basis during periods of crisis or worry. Read more

Thank You NELC

Thank you NELC for supporting Carelink with 2 grants in 2021. This helped local people who have been affected by Covid 19 and the lockdowns to receive telecare equipment and telephone support. Read more

Our products and services

NEL Carelink provides a range of equipment which we monitor including – the basic pendant, smoke detectors, flood sensors, pill dispenser, impact / falls sensor, epilepsy sensor, keysafe. We can install these for you. Read more

Our policy for confidentiality & data protection

NEL Carelink take data protection and confidentiality seriously and have in place processes to keep your information safe and secure. We only use your information for the purposes of maintaining our service and you can ask us to provide details or change information we hold about you at any time. Read more

Our policy for safeguarding

NEL Carelink ensure we keep both adults and children safe from harm known as safeguarding. Our staff are trained to understand safeguarding and we will report any concerns we have to the local safeguarding team. Read more

Our policy for equality & diversity

NEL Carelink treat everyone we support and work with as individuals. We respect that we are all different and will do all we can to ensure the service you receive takes into account your needs as well as protected characteristics as defined by the Equalities Act. Read more

Our policy for complaints

NEL Carelink welcomes complaints and will do all we can to resolve any concerns you have first time. We log all complaints and look at how we can make changes to improve our telecare installation and monitoring service. Contact us on 01472 3123312 of you have any concerns. Read more

Later Life Partnership NEL

Carelink joins with local older people charities to launch the Later Life Partnership, working together to share resources and reach more older people in North East Lincolnshire to ensure their voice is heard and they get the support they need. Read more

Our Benefits

NEL Carelink is a telecare provider and monitoring centre who provide peace of mind knowing we are good value, have highlight qualified staff, answer calls promptly. We care about the people we support and are trusted by the Council and health to provide services to them as well as meeting our regulators high standards. Read more

Lottery Funding

Thank you to the Lottery for their generous COVID grant in 2021 which has significantly contributed to paying for our new digital ready IT platform. This will enable us to answer calls from anywhere and expands the telecare activities we can offer our customers. Read more


NEL Carelink is a not for profit organisation focused on supporting vulnerable persons 24/7 using Telecare to provide reassurance and emergency assistance. Read more

Getting in touch

NEL Carelink can be contacted on 01472 312312 or emailed [email protected] or fill out our referral form for us to contact you to receive advice about telecare here in North East Lincolnshire. Read more

The difference we make

NEL Carelink supports up to 3000 people in North East Lincolnshire to remain independent through using telecare. We answer over 130,000 calls a year and arrange emergency services including ambulances, fire services and contact family/carers to make sure people are safe and well. Read more

What we do

NEL Carelink provide an installation service, tailored to your needs, a pendant and range of equipment which can support you to remain independent in your home as well as befriending/welfare calls. Read more


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Our impact

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How we help

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Who we are

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