Our Lifeline services & products


· For £50 we can come to your home and fit the unit and peripherals, making sure they work and spending time understanding your needs

· For £30 we can drop the basic unit and pendant at your home and you or family can fit it.

· For £20 you or family can collect it and fit it themselves – we are available by phone to help or could arrange a visit for £30.

· If you need further visits to solve issues, it will cost £35 a visit.

The basic pendant – fitted on your wrist or around your neck is £16.50 a month or £20.50 if you do not have a phone line and need a digital unit with a sim. If there are issues, we will update or replace them.

If you lose them there is a charge to replace it.

We can offer packages of support including:

· Regular (daily/weekly) calls to check you are OK at 50p a call.

· You can purchase further equipment – smoke detectors/falls detectors, wanderer alerts and pay a one-off full charge for each piece of equipment you add to your pendant.

· We can rent you equipment that you may want to try or use for a short period of time. packages include:

o Environmental Package – pendant and unit, smoke detector, CO2 detector, flood detector

o Memory Package – falls detector and unit, smoke/CO2 detector, flood detector, pill dispenser

o Wellbeing Package – pendant and unit, weekly call at a time to suit you (AM or PM) and a pill dispenser

Befriending / Wellbeing Calls – we can keep in regular contact with you, ringing daily if you come out of hospital, have been poorly or just need a regular befriending call. These cost 50p a call.

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